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Looking for Health Insurance? We Are Here To Help. We Offer Individual And Group Health Insurance. Open Enrollment is getting closer and….. We are here to help if you have questions.

You no longer have to qualify or wait for a Special Enrollment Period. You qualify. You can also enroll in a Marketplace Health Plan during the Annual Open Enrollment, Which is NOW.

Lubbock Health Plan Notice

Health Plan Changes may affect you and your family’s current health coverage. Your plan may longer be available effective Jan. 1st.

* Many Health Plans are to be discontinued effective Jan. 1st.
* New health plans are available and you may choose a new plan.
* If you were assigned to a new health plan because your plan has been discontinued,
you still have the option to choose a new and different health plan for you or your family.

Jim Welch Insurance in Lubbock, Texas is dedicated to helping you find low cost health insurance, and to help you make the right health insurance choice for you or your family. We are here to answer any questions you may have about the Marketplace, available health plans and coverage.

The largest and most experienced health insurance company in Texas, providing more than 4.9 million members with reliable and affordable health plans.

Lubbock Health Insurance Quote

Jim Welch – An Authorized Independent Blue Cross Blue Shield Of Texas Agent

Lubbock Texas Health Insurance

Health Insurance Jim Welch Insurance Agency Lubbock, Texas

* You will be directed to a SECURE Health Care Service Corporation (HCSC)  web site
 for Blue Cross Blue Shield of Texas
* You will be able to explore insurance plan options
* Get help shopping
* Save Plans
* Apply for insurance plans…. Or if you prefer, Call us to make an appoinment
If you live in the Lubbock metro area, you are welcome to stop by our office. The Jim Welch Insurance Agency is centrally located in Lubbock, Texas at 5313-50th Ste C-2.  Let us show you how much we care about you, your family and your business.​
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Choosing a health insurance plan doesn’t​ have to be complicated ???
The Texas Department of Insurance is a good source of information, but these are some questions you should know or ask. We will be happy to answer any and all questions you have.

Is your current doctor or hospital part of the plan's provider network?
​Is there a deductible? Is there coinsurance? Will you have co-payments?
How does the plan handle visits to the emergency room?
Are hospitalization and major medical expenses covered?
What is the policy's annual individual (or family) out-of-pocket expense limit? 
What costs are included vs. excluded in the out-of-pocket expense limit?
Is there a waiting period before you're fully covered? 
Are there limitations to the policy such as pre-existing conditions?
What is the difference between in-network and out-of-network coverage?
Do you need additional coverage, such as dental, vision or prescription drug coverage? 
Are you planning any major medical expenses for the following year?
What do your friends, family, and doctors say about the company you are considering?