My Experience – Lubbock Insurance Agent

In my experience as a Lubbock insurance agent, I’ve seen a lot. With claims ranging from fender benders and flooded basements to some more unusual situations, I’ve gained valuable knowledge and insight  to help you understand your coverage options so you can get the coverage you want.

My work as an insurance agent has also given me access to years of industry experience. I am a graduate of the top insurance training program in the industry, so if you have questions about insurance or your policy, I have the knowledge to help you understand your coverage options.

Not only can I help you find the coverage you want, but I can also help you find policy discounts and may be able to help you save some additional money. Insurance is expensive and you should be concerned that you are getting all the discounts you deserve. FO example, I have been able to save clients as much as $300, $400, $500 when combining a auto policy and a home policy.

Give me a call at (806) 783-0290 and I will put together a complete insurance assessment for you, with all the coverage, discounts and savings options available to you. I can also show you how your coverage can stay inline with you life changes in the coming years.
Let me put my experience to work for you today. I look forward to hearing from you.

Jim Welch